Friday, 26 February 2010

41. Yann Gibert

While deciding to visit your work, I was leaving Andréa behind. She didn't want to get in. She said she had no time for that.

Two girls looked at me when I entered this place.
I thought they were maybe here to visit your work too, more than for the touristic attraction. Just like me.
In fact, they were Italian tourists, here for the week, they were not aware of your interaction.
I could hardly understand what they were telling me.
I warned them I would write about them later. We laughed.
I think I was the only one to be concerned with your work.
I'm not interested with that building. I've never been in it before since 4 years I live in Lisbon.
It was the first time I paid 2,80€ to climb this elevator.
During the lift, I thought it was quiet ridiculous cause you hardly can see anything during the way up.
Once in the top, you have a great view, it's true...
So I've spent sometimes looking at people, at their shoes, at the rich wooden structure. We got up, all together.
People were very amused there. All trying to see something through the windows and the metallic armature.
The two italian girls were staying sat on their bench talking to one another.
I was thinking of Andrea who bought new sneakers yesterday and would try to do some jogging before the rain falls again.
I was wondering how long was left before the rain would fall again.